[Thailand] Can I save cost from toll free number?

This few week I come across the problem with provider CAT and TOT in Thailand regarding toll free number. Basic understanding for people that not living in Thailand, in the begining TOT is only PSTN and semi-regulartor of PSTN provider and Post and Telegram and Telecommucation (PTT)  (Become CAT after the goverment re-organization), can do all data communication and international communication and become  semi-regulartor on their part till the born of NTC (http://www.ntc.or.th/eng). Because of the  dignity system that was allocate by the initiator of this 2 organization, I mean between TOT and CAT made this 2 organization very dependent from each other. In the period tim if you want to make a phone call to other country you only can call via CAT  by use the prefix 001, for all PSTN in Thailand will provide by TOT. In term of billing CAT will issue direct bill to you for all the international phone call.

After the growth of international business, a lot of the MNC company start there business in Bangkok, They looking forward to support their customer the convinice way is use the call center. To save the cost on call center the centerize system was implement that make the demand of Toll free number is rise up. CAT people can see this oportunity and start to provie the international toll free number to make a route call to that company with 001 800. With Hellenism in the Thai way all made all of customer that saw the number with 001 is a international call and no confident to make a phone call because charges and unexpected phone bill will send to them. Together with some Mobile and PSTN provider that got concession either form TOT or CAT don’t want their customer to be shock with international phone  bill, Some of them choose to disable this 001 number.

What’s  happen? a lot of  MNC have to apply the local PSTN number and use local forward switching to the 001 800 number. Other problem coming, Cost when you ask your customer to make a phone call to normal PSTN No have to forward to customer. Most of the number that those company use are 02 or Bangkok number. If you make a phone call from other province, cost 3 THB and more if you have to wait for the available agent.  End up no one want to call.

TOT as a PSTN provider can’t just wait and see CAT take this part of the market alone. TOT can see the opportunity that they can provide local toll free number that star wit 1800 and if you want to use as international toll free number just forward this to CAT. Event after the born of NTC,  Committee of telecom business the same practices still go on.  In the view of customer it really look good for company, but for company it is other extra cost.

I came across the number allocation plan from NTC website I don’t really see any allocation or changing in this part. Then my answer for my question is I also don’t know how we can save cost maybe IP Phone maybe a choice,  Just apply the 1800 number and forward the call some router and put through the internet, like some call center was do.

It is other home work that NTC have to take a look beside how to have 3G or 3.9G license that all the neighbor already done.


Setting Proxy

Proxy Address :
Do not use proxy :;;;
ccapac.ext.nokia.com; kl-oa.apaccti.nokia.com;
Trusted site : ccapac.ext.nokia.com