Basic human problem (Part II) – Commitment and liar

Promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something. I start my part III of my series with the word Promise because  if you use the word promise to do some this is a big commitment that we have to fulfill. Once Human can’t fulfill they commitment they will start to lie.

our children are often taught to speak the truth do not lie, but when you grow up to find many lies around us there as well.
Lying small small children who do not send home Lying between colleagues or lovers lie until the janitor
City-people Sometimes we lie to yourself. And sometimes our own may be a lie.

  • Some people say they prefer this gift to feel indifferent.
  • Some people see others that do much better to encourage
  • Some people say that friends are busy, just because I do not want to see.
  • Sick leave may have both fine …
  • and some people say no when friends come to lend

Most of lying in everyday life. Is to survive or maintain feelings of others, many times.
People lie because true love. Rather than to fraud or bad idea. But many times we want to know myself.
That what we hear is the truth or a lie.
Then we will know how
One approach is. Reading body language.
Our body sends a signal out on some of what you say. Not exactly what I thought.
Psychologists are interested in studying the relationship between the body lying on the expression and
There are two behavioral assumptions.
Reasons one Lying cause fear and anxiety, which is what the body and are difficult to control transmission.
Out the behavior observed in several ways.
Secondly, the lie of the thinking process and the working of the brain and complex. Different from the truth.
Using this different brain itself. The expression of physical differences.
From these two concepts. There are people interested in that. What specific signs. That will be used to distinguish between the truth of.
We call this the lie. Signs of lying
Before getting to know the signs of lying
Try to ask myself ….. you have the ability to capture how well lie?

Research showed that many. People have the ability to capture only 50% capacity lies above.
Was guessing. Sure enough, or tossing coins. And the level of accuracy is not different even in certain groups of people that we think.
Would handle that was better than others, such as lawyers or police magistrate
But the nature of humanity. Shall have the extraordinary.
There is a group of people. A unique ability to distinguish truth and lies above the common man.
This group has been dubbed Truth Wizards wizard of truth, or Wizards of lie detection.
Wizard of the catch lies.
Professor Paul Ekman, Professor, and Maureen O Sullivan, University of San Francisco
Accessibility Project Wizard project (Wizard Project) to study a unique ability to capture the current lie.
Participants tested more than 15,000 people from across America.
Tested 46 people.
Who have the ability to separate reality from myth can be more than 80%.
Of the next step is to find a pattern or how the wizard are used to distinguish the truth from the.
Lying before this research could be completed. Psychologists have been collected. Physical signs that are suggestive of one.

What’s next?

Basic human problem (Part II) – Management

This part 2 of my subject about the basic human problem with the management because every community will have leader and leader will use their own ability to control the community then this is why I should to say about management in my article. Management that I try to say here is for the business be cause in the next part I will point out what I was learn for 2 year

Business or organization. Illustrated by a group of people that come together to work with the structure and coordination is key. The clarity evident With the aim to achieve the goals which requires resources from the business environment consists of Man Money Material, Machine Method and Management, or popularly called That the 6M’s. Definition of the management. Can narrow down the issue by understanding the word “Management” may Means management or administration or management of any organization which is in the books and complete management has compiled the meaning of the word. “Management.” And “management” as follows.

The term “administrative” (Administration) will be used in senior management. With an emphasis on the policy. Significant and plans of chief executive A word used in public administration (Public Administration). Or use in government agencies, and the word “executive” (Administrator) to dogs to work in the executive. Government agencies or non-profit organization.

Management is a group of activities includes planning (Planning) Organization (Organizing) of. Command (Leading / Directing), or directing and controlling (Controlling), which are related. Directly to the resources of the organization (6 M’s) to be used to benefit and a key objective to achieve. Achievement of the goals of the organization effectively. Complete and effective.

The term “management” (Management) will focus on operations in accordance with policy (Planned), the most popular. Used in business management (Business management) the word “manager” (Manager) refers to a person in The organization responsible for activities in resource management and other affairs. In order to achieve the objectives. Set of organizations.

Management (Management) refers to a set of functions (A set of functions) that determine the direction in Using all resources efficiently and effectively. In order to achieve the goals of the organization. Resources efficiently (Efficient) refers to a clever use of resources and cost (Cost-effective) to use resources efficiently (Effective) This means that the decision was correct. (Right decision) and is operating successfully as planned. Therefore, the success of management is.Need to be both effective and efficient parallel

In another line, one may say that management refers to the process of heading toward a goal of the organization from. Working together with people and other resources or the design process and Environment that people work together in groups to achieve the target set more effectively. The term “administrative” (Administration), and “management” (Management) has a different meaning small The administration is less interested in and associated with the policy to take action. Some scholars Hai comment That management in government. The management in the private sector, however, the majority of the book or books have two words. Meaning no difference. Can be used interchangeably and it is generally accepted

From the above definition of management is a continuous process of activity and coordination which Managers need to help to achieve the objectives of the organization. Highlights of the Management Services (Management). Are as follows:

  1. Management can be applied to any organization to organization.
  2. The goal of all executives is to create profit.
  3. Associated with the management to improve productivity. (Productivity) by heading to the performance (Efficiency). (Use of resources by the most economical) and effectiveness (Effectiveness) (the goal is to achieve benefits. Maximum).
  4. Management can be used for administrators at all levels of the organization.

It is Sunday night now I don’t think I can’t continue writing but I promise to finish it soon, 🙂

Basic human problem (Part I)

When I was young, my teacher told me that human or animal need only 4 things to survive:

  • Eat is the ingestion of food to provide for all humans and animals nutritional needs, particularly for energy and growth.
  • Defecation is the final act of digestion by which organisms eliminate solid, semisolid or liquid waste material (feces) from the digestive tract via the anus. Waves of muscular contraction known as peristalsis in the walls of the colon move fecal matter through the digestive tract towards the rectum.
  • Sex is a process of combining and mixing genetic traits, often resulting in the specialization of organisms into a male or female variety.
  • Sleep is a naturally recurring state characterized by reduced or lacking consciousness, relatively suspended sensory and non-motor activity – inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles

But human always have more complicated than what my teacher said. Actually can categorize the human need in 8 category

  1. Physical needs (Physical). Needs related to physical safety and security threats. Including protection against aggression against life and property. And protection of environments of hot weather so cold, if not the correct response to these needs. Will result in physical injury or illness, death.
  2. The ergonomic needs. (Hysiological). The human body needs the proper nutrients and sufficient When the body needs to repair the injury. Normally the human body has the ability to repair the wear and tear very well. (Particularly during adolescence), in addition to the nutrients are adequate. There is a need of medical care when needed as well. If you are not responding to the needs of these people have a strong body of work is below standard. And vulnerable people may fall ill or have died.
  3. Psychological needs. (Psychological). Mind what they want to protect. And appropriate to the environment and feel safe. The mind is like a body that may be threatened by physical attacks. Items from the object. Or to attack the monastery of lessons feel The threat from both sides led to the disintegration of her mind of man can express. To protect the human mind is to create both the defense and the connection of physical objects or prevent psychological or emotional.
  4. Social needs (Social). Humans are social animals. And learning and development, to gather in groups for several thousand years. Living together to help the survival of humanity better. Therefore, we have created the need to want to live together with others. And needs to be accepted by others. Starting from the family and spread to both social If demand for social and not a response will make you feel lonely or feel neglected. And this is the power to force people in the society is organized.
  5. Emotional needs (Emotional). Like other creatures that emotions play a role in pushing the Dgn actions to respond to things that do not like and what they like. We set the mood of what to avoid, or do not like torture. Or try and find something you like, or what makes it fun. The mood of the likes or dislikes a driving force in our lives or in the direction of. “Aims to find” or “Work away” from things.
  6. Needs of the knowledge. (Intellectual). We need something that will have the ability to think and to create a fantasy Knowledge and understanding of our interests draw us to tune in seeking answers to a mystery or solve the puzzle of what various It seems that the range of knowledge and wisdom is what attracted people more than anything else. The pursuit of knowledge and intelligence as part of the basic human needs. Three network, which is as equivalent to cause motivation
  7. Educational needs. (Educational). Human needs to learn. A basic level will help us adapt to the environment. And avoid the threat. Learning and also help us to develop ourselves to a better life. Our brain will be awarded to students with a. Stimulant (dipomine) a naturally occurring drug. Curiosity And boring. We are encouraged to seek emotional satisfaction in learning something new. Education needs to be fed to the need to seek knowledge and wisdom.
  8. Spiritual needs (Spiritual). What can be said that the highest level of human needs. To seek those who are the largest in the Universe has been recognized by their sacred honor. Therefore, it is human chanting, praying and seeking intimacy with nature. To bring themselves to attain.

I will try to find the time to write why this become problem. I’m not the expert but I learn from what management point of view in order to mange either my people or my boss.