Working day

Again after 3 weeks in Thailand. I coming back to same life that need to weak up very eranly to flight with people. Life in Singapore sometime is very simple, sometime so complicated. All the time I should manage to pass it. I have one word that I use for make my heart got power up myself. “You should to go, no one push you to go. You have to confident what ever you do. And you will got the good results. I and your family is here to support you.”…(part of last letter from Bangkok to me)

Please Apply filter

Right now, I ‘m still in Bangkok. A lot of rumor about Thailand situation like soldier kill anti-protester and protester, Red site still working underground , etc.

All of the are rumor, we don’t have the real story yet. If you are also the one who are news consumer in Thailand, kindly use your mind to judgement of any news that you have it. Do apply the filter for what ever you listen.

Happy Songkran Day : WET WET


The date of the festival was originally set by astrological calculation, but it is now fixed. If these days fall on a weekend, the missed days off are taken on the weekdays immediately following. If they fall in the middle of the week, many Thai take off from the previous Friday until the following Monday. Songkran falls in the hottest time of the year in Thailand at the end of the dry season. Until 1888 the Thai New Year was the beginning of the year in Thailand; thereafter 1 April was used until 1940. 1 January is now the beginning of the year. The traditional Thai New Year has been a national holiday since then. [Wikipedia]

Happy Holiday…

Taksin said I’m ready to go (…to Stupid)

Thanks for CNN to interview former PM Taksin Shinawatra. All the story that came out are really stupid. If you can see he is the one who support MOB to violent the country but his family and him are oversea. They can’t stay in the country. If you really want to listen to Taksin barking please follow the link

Lost of Smile

(CNN) — The “Land of Smiles” is growing grim as the political maelstrom in Thailand threatens to further erode the southeast Asian nation’s battered tourism industry.
I was draft about this smile that I really can’t see in Thai face but no change to write more. Siam smile was lost and can’t fine anymore.

Thailand Red Crisis : Update (09APR09)

0331PM GMT+7 : Police fail to negotiate to with RED to open the road block []
0345PM GMT+7 : Bangkok Metro Bus change route from Victory monument to Northern bus station []
0400PM GMT+7 : PM said Asian summit still go on [Thai TV3]
0416PM GMT+7 : PM said he will not dissolve the parliament and also a bit confuse about what is the concept of Red People want because it always change. [ASTV]
0417PM GMT+7 : Taksin ‘s Family was traveled out from Thailand [ASTV]
0422PM GMT+7 : Taxi close highway around Victory monument and Yomaraj area [FM 100]
0425PM GMT+7 : Police said mob that block the road is illegal []
0429PM GMT+7 : Mob in-front of Ministry of  Foreign Affairs moving to join with the group that block the road at Victory monument [TV Thai]
0443PM GMT+7 : Mob in-front of Privy Councilor’s house moving to join with the group that block the road at Victory monument []
0453PM GMT+7 : [Rumor] Mob will close BTS (Bangkok Sky-train)
0500PM GMT+7 : Metro bus close down bus no. 4, 10, 17, 24, 25, 34 and 35 to avoid Red Mob

Small Litte Door : Oportunity.

Today, I have to onsite for customer support, If I’m not wrong this is firsttime in 5 year after long jurney oversea. I can’t recall my feeling for the last onsite as engineer but hope it ‘s not so difference from now. Customers are always welcome and look at you like someone that can resolved all of there problem.
In fact, you only one that can’t do anything because as network engineer you can just only indetify problem and try to co-ordinate. Now I just do my extra job and waiting for people as well
Five years in a lot of position until manager teach me a lot, How to handle this kind of sistuation. Thanks to my manager in Nokia, Siemens, BT, and here in Orange Business the open some small little door for me.