A/H1N1 Flu Injection

Because of the traveling that coming, I just decided to vaccinate for A/H1N1 Flu. Nothing much just want to share experiences. So far no side effects yet. (photo below)


Merit reactions object 10

Buddha has said. “Success is by merit. Favors reactions object 10 “.


1. Charity (Tanmai).

2. The favors dedicated charity. (Pattitan horse).

3. The happy praise – congratulations. (Star-turvy support – rejoice horse).


4. To observe the precepts (Color million horse).

5. Submission to others (Aphainmai).

6. To help others. (West Wanh e drug mule).


7. A fair hearing.

8. To preach.

9. Rosary (Pawnamai – meditation, prayer).


10. To make comments to match.

Long live the King

King Rama IXNakhon Phanom on the path to receive three separate direct box associated rubber Google – Ernoncr afternoon on November 13 BC in 2498 mandate Bunnag Chief of photographers He regularly.

Capture the second image into a major historical picture of the country that day after he perform at the royal charity temples Tatupnm Wrmhawihar completed in the morning and then both.

He was the second king. Odiesdeh car back in residence at the palace near Nakhon Phanom Province governor.

News people who know it takes balls each hold hand together to raise seed to receive a packed street. As families often Hants. The children helped the mother pendant Hants often 102 years old to wait.

Welcome welcome point 700 meters away from the home by children to provide lotus pink lines grandmother of 3 and not take away the front end forward to close his hands.

Iuclbat most.

Blazing hot sun from morning until noon and afternoon caustic lines and lines of lotus withered hand wax. But the heart of the loyal love the cheery old woman when the king arrived in front of grandmother raised.

Three lotus flowers wilt, the line holds up overhead devote deeply.

He bent His majesty the least. Face as close to the head of the grandmother. He Srwl his very lovely girl. Hand touch strident dark hands of farmers, old people northeast.


A description as unnecessary. For images that do not need lectures. No one knows what has to whisper the word grandmother. Grandmother, but certainly never forgotten as the King does not forget.

He found that people who major street that day. Grandchildren and great-grandson of the story that the grandmother.

“After Bangkok and then proceed to the Bureau of the Royal picture sent greet grandmother’s pendant. Buddha statue along with lime application Monster King.

King. Royal past in his district to Tatupnm grandmother pendant as a souvenir. “

Find the most divine grace is not. May be Chubcho long life grandmother was also happy to come to three full years.

Grandmother pendant Hants most often people who are fortunate one in Rama 9 end peacefully with the disease, life expectancy at age at 105 years old.

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Miss Marum!!

Once in a blue moon, I have to bring myself to Golden Mile, big Thai shopping center and community in singapore. I think it can’t compare with Thai town in New york or even China town in Bangkok. Anyway it is very the best place to go when your miss home. Today I’m not missing home but I miss sour soup made of tamarind paste and Marum (in the photo).  I can’t remember when is the last time that i have this disc.”Marum” is that the scientific name Moringa oleifera Lam. Moringaceae a family vegetable origin bar under the foot of the hill Himalai clubs  midsize be planted in the area, home to ancient Thailand. Eat a variety of both green sheath and flower sales, but others are popular consumption.

Sheath than the other. Marum found from all sectors in Thailand. The northeast called “vegetables, or vegetables, E. E. Hook hm” Northern Run “Ma bend.  Cubes, “Karen Kanchanaburi bar called” crow d of modern inventions of “The Chan bar called Mae Hong Son. “Vegetable chicken”, etc..

The man who preferred to eat Marum in the early winter season because of a sheath Marum readily taste delicious because they are selling the best fresh market. During the growing season Marum people in homes they can only have the opportunity to taste top Marum leaflet sheath bouquet of flowers and soft. Bouquet of flowers to be preserved.  Keep eating the chili sales leaflet Marum and sheath bouquet of flowers be used carelessly or Authority to cooked. Stab with chili pickled fish. Bon chili translucent skin. Collaborate with the little finger to put everything loud and clear. Or will be outstanding. A bouquet of flowers or curry savings time.

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Winner is myself

อตฺตา หเว ชิตํ เสยฺโย – Pali.
The winner is to control their own

The winner is to control their own to do what to do. And not doing what should not do. Or another have said that.
Can force their good. Ill be ignored. Good is done by 3 oral and physical and mental make.
Evil is done by the same 3 and 3 of this act be deemed to be most important because it is a command or force them to act or speak.

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Point of view

Believe it or not. It may affect up to change your life. Would be several times that you feel regret hurt. Keep in mind that complain. “We all understand why he is not” whether he (or she) who is any of your friends or couples. Stress yourself with thoughts like this. Sometimes it does not help anything but itself is already suffering. He also may be at odds even more. This makes the relationship worse again try to change the perspective or new questions that สิ “then us? Understand what he or empty”.

This question may help us find the actual cause of the problem was. Because of the fact. Our own would not have to be the same people often have social problems because people will think, but urged others to understand themselves. But do not try to or. Even think that people will understand the question here is not that. “Why do they not understand us” but was “why we do not understand him up” and “how. We understand he has to be “similar. For those who complain of feeling like that. “Why am I like the hapless” to ask yourself if that change. “Why do I complain like this,” he may be thinking and rise to new. Peach or no reduction of the hands of the same old feet.
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Manager your Boss !!

Management master. This is one important strategy. That will lead to success in work. We need to talk, but before that management is boss. Not for personal benefit primarily write. However, for smooth. Welfare to work well and to work well with the results.

We should start from the preparation to ready itself  boss. Because one thing that people often worry when a boss offers.  Tasks is to know that the satellite will be, or not? Or make a mistake or do not try so readers noticed that when we write. Whether a boss encounter in meeting rooms. Or on the pavement. Term or different. What a master is often asked to speak to. Tracking tasks. To be assigned to. Then you the reader to write that image. If you read the answer on the track that said. An irregular. A unsure or answered. Or respondents that. No no. Image in the eyes of your boss is how.

So you must prepare, Especially if you know that in advance. To find whether your boss is meeting.  Share or walk into a room said to work. And this preparation is not just prepared to talk about only write preparation allowance. Several self because I see many of the conferences. But think again about one boss. Then they will not ask to relevant in meeting rooms.

The former CIO of Bristol-Myers Squibb has suggested that it write. If access must be met. Or meeting with the boss is time. One hour must be prepared for the information. The boss may be asked in advance to ten hours. Called a ratio of one to all ten.

Ratio of the preparation may be found to write drivers. Especially if your company is not very large. And you have the opportunity to meet. Boss already met regularly. If your company is a giant. The opportunity to experience the highest executives are already low, so will see. Concern would be met at the ready to say no.
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