Where am I in the next 5 years from now?

Yesterday I got to write review/plan/ set the objective/goal/what ever for 1st half 2010 that is a part of  the performance review. One question is what is my short and long expectation? it really hard until I can’t finish it. From there I start thinking I can be like this anymore I have to plan some thing for my life. This is SLA for my life that I have to keep this promise to myself.

  • This year, I have to push myself back to University to take my Master. It could happen since Aug 09 but because I have some ego that is really stupid. Of cause this year that ego need to put down and put priority on the task.
  • This year, I have to finish up telco.in.th as I want it to be data reference for telecommunication business site. I start the project on Oct 09. My project never take long time like this before. Year 09 is make me supper lazy ever.
  • By next year, I will got at least 3 certify in IT business.
  • By year 2012, I have to graduate.
  • By year 2013, If I still working in same position what I work on year 2009 I have to resign and move on to other position it too long.
  • By year 2015, I will secure myself with some company in Thailand.

Don’t take it serious This Article is really personal. If you don’t want to border ignore it. I will review what I can do and I can’t do for my records.

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Domain and Sub Domain

Do you know what is different between www.domain.com and domain.com? The answer should not be any difference. I have asked that same question to a lot of people also answer the same as my answer. in-fact  it totally difference if network administrator or domain admin config it wrongly.

When and why need “www”? In 1984 Berners-Lee returned to CERN, and considered its problems of information presentation: physicists from around the world needed to share data, and with no common machines and no common presentation software. He wrote a proposal in March 1989 for “a large hypertext database with typed links”, but it generated little interest. His boss, Mike Sendall, encouraged Berners-Lee to begin implementing his system on a newly acquired NeXT workstation. He considered several names, including Information Mesh, The Information Mine (turned down as it abbreviates to TIM, the WWW’s creator’s name) or Mine of Information (turned down because it abbreviates to MOI which is “Me” in French), but settled on World Wide Web [wiki]. I have seen some article said Berners-Lee was regret to use “www” [Need reference]. No reason why all the older geek designed to use this for all the website and domain begin with “www” but almost 25 year from that day, it like common law that no need to write out but every one accept to use it. Event have some group try to propose to use the word “web” it made as default instate of “www”.

The prefix ‘www’ is simply a common DNS prefix to represent a website.  It is not mandatory as intreeg & atabia have stated.  In fact, try the following URL and you will actually go to http://www.mods.in.th. A webserver is simply listening on a specific IP address for input on port 80.  The DNS route to get there doesn’t matter.  The same is true for other services such as POP/STMP/FTP.  Some webhosting companies let you update the website using ftp://www.mydomain.com (notice the www prefix) or ftp://ftp.mydomain.com.  The www.mydomain.com is converted into a numeric IP using a DNS server and the FTP access is fulfilled on a different port. When you enter a http URL in the browser two primary events occur.  The first is that the DNS name is converted into an numeric IP address.  Once the numeric IP address is found, the browser redirects to it and requests the web page. So for example, when you enter http://www.mods.in.th, a DNS request is sent to the DNS servers in your network connection to find the numerica IP.  Once is found, the web page request can begin.

Coming back to my fist question, in term of SEO (search engine optimization) SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Domain name is a front barrier to facing you customer and search engine robots. Your site is accessible with and without the www prefix, search engine robots  may see this as difference sources and may consider of duplicate content.

In term of cooperate image, its may not have any effect if both have the correct content that you organization want to show but if it happen same as the kfc.com.sg and www.kfc.com.sg [see the picture] I guess your IT department may lack of something.

Mana Manee Phiti Chuchai

 “Mana Manee Phiti Chuchai” is set in Thai language practices book for primary school education. Used in teaching the Thai language during 1978 -1994. Ministry of education needed to change the new curriculum of Thai language study in primay school.[wiki]  After 16 years in school   “Mana Manee Phiti Chuchai”  become legendary and keep on the shelf  somewhere in libary. One thing that I can say is  “Mana Manee Phiti Chuchai” they are unforgettable friends, and teacher.

Editor Note:

  1. I was born in the same year of the first publishing of the set of this book
  2. In the last lesson of the first episode, it is violent  if you use the old fasion way of spelling on my time becasue the meaning of that spelling is virgina.
  3. I’m not agree with ministry of education that the story of this content of books to catch modern era.
  4. I have all the PDF copy of this book from internet and hope one day I can start using it with my child.
  5. If you want that copies for your memorise or your child education feel free to contact me.

Thank you! …

This all the photo is just only the one of forward email from my cousin. But inside all the nice photo got very impressive sentence. My translation may not translate what was want to tell if you have any suggestion let me know.

Significance of the word “Thank you”

Wor. Vachiramethee. 1 JAN 2009

Thank you “worthless” that make me stand up and flight.

Thank you “impoverish” that make me work harder.

Thank you “fail” that make me learn to be professional.

Thank you “miss take” that make me more clever .

Thank you “jealous” that power up my idea.

Thank “comment” for make the best productivity

Thank you “don’t know” for introduce me to experience.

Thank you “disappoint” that power up my mind for the next event.

Thank you “strong competitor”  for teach me that I’m not professional.

Thank you “corruption” for activate my idea about new political.

Thank you “sickness” that make me put more intension on my health.

Thank you “worries” that told me happy is more valuable than I know.

Thank you “separated” that make me give away insist.

Thank you “sensuality” for the reason that make me find the way to reach nivarana.

Thank you “death”  my last chapter of my life can’t complete with out you.

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Pla thu

I can’t remember when is the last time i was have this fish. In Thailand we call Pla-thu. The best way to cook is put it in a lot of very hot oil. And let it fly up from the buttom of the pan. You will get crispy fish. After that eat with Thai fish sause and warm jusmine rice. Oh it make me hungry again

My First Amazon Order

I have decided to buy the guide book for my new camera. Actually this book also sell in Singapore. But that time I got my Amazon Coupon that made me easy to try to place order with Amazon. After I settle the balance of the payment about a week, that book has sleep and wait for me in my mailbox. Just share your guy the pho to of that package and the book.

City of Campaign!

Other national of campaign, just launch. If someone tell me once I just come to Singapore, I really excited. But after days in Singapore nothing make me surprise. I try to use google to search what are the campaign that Singapore have? I m not able to tell you what I can count.

What ‘s wrong if city have a lot of campaign?  I can’t see any thing wrong but feel too much that is it.

Updated !!

My friends asked me why I seldom post my photo even in Facebook or my website. I promise to put the lasted one that was taken in Hong kong, Macao, etc during my last trip. Thanks for candid me

Site stat 2009

I’m late again normally in first week of that year I have to report the stat of visit of my ModSNOTE. Anyway it still not too late. 2009, I was change domain from modsxxl.com to mods.in.th that have a bit downtime beside that nothing much happen to ModSNOTE. hopefully next year I will have a good stat to show you again.

5,129 Visits
4,127 Absolute Unique Visitors
7,831 Pageviews
1.53 Average Pageviews
00:01:33 Time on Site
78.96% Bounce Rate
80.17% New Visits
Browser VS OS
Screen resolutions
Connection Speed

Great-Grand Mother and betel nut

The Betel Nuts
Betel Nuts

Betel nut for me is the memory of my great-grand mother. Last few year after she was pass away we alway put  betel leaves, betel nuts in her container ready for her consumption like when she alive.

It like my respond that every new year I have to buy new betel nuts to put in her container. For me this only respect that I can, She was grow me up, She was take care  me as one of her son.